Quiz: What is a Rollover?

by Craig Moser on June 23, 2017

Many people think it’s easy to move retirement assets…but is it really?  Take our short quiz to test your knowledge and answer the question:  What is a Rollover?   The Quiz You are moving funds out of your employer-sponsored plan […]

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Quiz: An Accidental Beneficiary

by Craig Moser on June 2, 2017

If you own an IRA, you probably want it to pass to the correct beneficiaries.  I seriously doubt you want an accidental beneficiary inheriting your hard-earned assets. Knowledge is power and you need to be aware of the rules governing […]

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Managing Your Money Part 3: Diversification

by Craig Moser on May 25, 2017

Most people are familiar with the term “portfolio diversification.”  It’s generally known you shouldn’t invest all of your money in one stock, bond, or other investment vehicle.  However, my view of modern portfolio diversification has a different twist on the […]

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Splitting an Inherited IRA: The Stretch

by Craig Moser on April 27, 2017

Generally, the goal when naming beneficiaries on an Inherited IRA is for them to stretch required minimum distributions out as long as possible.  The tax code and current regulations support this goal by making the stretch option the default.  However, […]

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Building Your Three-Legged Stool

by Craig Moser on April 13, 2017

When thinking about retirement, it can help to envision a three-legged stool.  Everybody knows a two-legged stool isn’t reliable because you have no stability.  If you sit or stand on a stool with only two legs, you’re going to end […]

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Capital Gains Tax Rates for 2017

by Craig Moser on March 31, 2017

Long-term capital gains currently enjoy more favorable tax rates than ordinary income.  For example, current long-term capital gains tax rates are 0%, 15%, and 20%, and the rates for ordinary income range from 10% to 39.6%.  With a new President in […]

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Interest and Your Financial Decisions

by Craig Moser on March 21, 2017

When discussing bank accounts, investments, loans, and mortgages, it is important to understand the concept of interest.  Interest is the price you pay for the temporary use of someone else’s money.  Borrowing money allows us to buy a house, go […]

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