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Even though we’re four months into the coronavirus pandemic in North Carolina.  Because we sometimes have more questions than answers, we’re discussing COVID-19 with Dr. Jason Thomason. 

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Episode Show Notes:

It’s a massive problem that we’re all dealing with right now and we want to attempt to find some answers. Let’s put the economic effects aside for this episode and focus directly on what we’re facing with COVID-19.

To help us do that, we asked Dr. Jason Thomason of Salem Chest Specialists to join the podcast to discuss this topic. We have a lot of questions for him and want to hear from someone in the medical profession that’s dealing with this on a daily basis.

Some of the things we want to find out about include:

•Where he gets his data on our area and state.

•How contagious is the virus?

•The difference between the traditional flu and COVID-19.

•Vaccine vs treatments.

•Will things return to normal?

Even though this isn’t our traditional financial format, we feel this episode can provide a lot of value to every listener.  We hope discussing COVID-19 with Dr. Jason Thomason answers some of the questions you may have.

You can find more resources on his website so check it out to learn more about COVID-19: https://www.salemchestspecialists.com/.

Important Points:

0:30 – Dr. Jason Thomason on with us today

1:18 – Why we wanted to have Jason on.

1:52 – What the heck is going on with COVID-19?

2:17 – Going back to the beginning of this pandemic.

5:53 – The virus is highly contagious.

7:36 – Thomason’s main concern.

9:32 – What’s the difference between the flu and this virus?

10:48 – Where he goes for updated data on COVID.

12:48 – Should everybody be tested?

15:57 – Will a vaccine take care of this?

20:00 – Why he doesn’t think we’ll go back to normal at his office.

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