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Planning for retirement and the management of your money is crucial. Today, we’re talking about third-party financial planning and breaking down some of the ways a financial advisor can help you.

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One of the big financial risks people face is running out of money. If you want to retire early, for example, an advisor can help you determine if you’re taking too much out of your nest egg or if you’re invested too aggressively. Running an analysis can help provide strategies to achieve the kind of retirement you envision.

We’ll explain why bonds and CDs were popular years ago but are now considered lazy money. We’ll also tell you how to bring all of your investments into harmony when you have multiple accounts.

At Maestro Wealth Advisors we have an adaptive philosophy when it comes to financial planning. We can help you reduce risk and create a plan for financial success. As Craig says: “Get a plan. Stay with your plan. Keep your goals in front of you, and don’t chase shiny objects.”

Thanks for listening to The Importance of Third-Party Financial Planning.  We’ll be back again next week for another show.

Important Points:

0:59 – Keeping people safe financially

2:43 – Bonds and CDs

3:59 – Maestro’s investing approach

5:15 – Bringing investments into harmony

8:00 – Eliminating lazy money

11:00 – Getting a real investment strategy

13:36 – The fear of running out of money

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