Life Insurance Payout Considerations

Life Insurance Payout Considerations

There are several life insurance payout considerations.  It’s important to understand those options so that you choose the right one for your situation.

Do you want a lump sum payout?

  • By accepting the entire death benefit at once, it’s generally not counted as taxable income (only in rare cases would an estate tax come into play).
  • Taking a lump sum can offer the most flexibility. You have complete control over the money and can use it how you want.
  • It’s important to note that FDIC deposit insurance will only cover $250,000 per depositor so you may need to put your payout in multiple accounts.

Do you have an option for a retained asset account?

  • This is a simple solution with easy access to the money. By leaving the payout with the insurance company, you might earn interest, but only on the death benefit amount.
  • The insurance company will protect the money versus worrying about FDIC insurance limits.
  • The interest you earn might be at a low rate, and it’s subject to taxation.

Can you convert your payout to an annuity?

  • You could get more than the policy’s death benefit amount if you live longer than the insurance company expected when calculating your guaranteed payments.
  • Because they are distributed over an extended period of time, the younger you are, the smaller payouts are.
  • It’s possible that if you die before collecting the full life insurance benefit, the insurance company will keep what’s left.