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Today we’re focusing on what it’s like to be our client. We’ll explain how the relationship between a client and financial advisor evolves and how having an advisor can be beneficial for you.

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On this episode of How Money Works, we’re talking about the relationship between financial advisors and their clients and what it’s like to be our client.

Initially, in our relationship, we’ll talk about how the market is evolving and what kinds of returns you’re seeing. We help with estate work and CPAs and tax work. Trust is created over the years.

We have clients that we’ve had since the late 80s, and the conversations have evolved over time. We reach out to our clients every quarter, and sometimes more often depending on their needs. We review taxes, estate plans, and your investments to make sure they are on track.

Some clients don’t want to hear from their advisor very often. Others want more frequent check-ins. We let the client dictate what they need.

With client meetings, you really are sharing life. We don’t only talk about investments; we also talk about life events and have candid conversations. We also have a newsletter that we send clients to keep them up to date.

We love connecting clients to others who can help them. We can give you great recommendations for real estate agents, mortgage experts, and more. We don’t get paid for that, but it helps us help our clients.

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Important Points:

0:33 – Evolving relationship

4:13 – Sharing life

5:02 – Checking in

6:30 – Out of the norm

8:40 – Memorable victories

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