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Episode Show Notes:

During the height of the pandemic, the stock market did really well. Now that the pandemic has slowed down, the stock market is struggling. That doesn’t make sense and confuses a lot of people.

On today’s show, we’ll explain how the market, finances, real estate and more have changed over the past couple years. We’ll never be able to predict which way the market will move but we can build a plan that will prepare you for any outcome.

No one enjoys a turbulent market, but it can really create a lot of stress for those approaching retirement or very early in that transition. So we’ll talk about some things you can do if the volatility keeps you up at night.

On this episode, we’ll share:

  • Why did the market go up during the pandemic? (0:29)
  • The market is struggling. What do we do now? (4:32)
  • What to do if you’re afraid of stock market volatility. (6:34)

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