America’s Retirement Crisis

America is facing a serious retirement crisis: many Americans are  not confident that they will be able to enjoy a comfortable retirement,  and many retirees face longevity risk, or the danger of outliving  their life savings. The 2008―2009 economic downturn drastically  changed the financial landscape and caused profound shifts in the  way that many Americans view their retirements. Despite being the  largest, wealthiest, and most influential generation of Americans,  baby boomers are facing one of the most serious retirement challenges  in history. A combination of declining income, increased longevity, and high costs means that an increasing number of Americans face the possibility of outliving their assets.

One economic study found that approximately 46 percent of  Americans die with less than $10,000 in assets, many of them  lacking even home equity and relying largely on Social Security benefits to meet their expenses. Most shockingly, many of  the households surveyed in the study entered retirement in  good financial health; factors such as unexpected health expenses, market losses, and increased lifestyle expenses combined to erode their financial security.

The purpose of this report is to explore a critical issue  facing American retirees today and highlight some  strategies that might help you avoid outliving your assets.

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America's Retirement Crisis

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