America’s Retirement Crisis

The average sixty-five-year-old can expect to live twenty years or more in retirement. Therefore, preparation is critical to maintain a comfortable retirement lifestyle. Living a long life has its considerable benefits.  However, it can create uncertainty and stress around how much money is needed to live comfortably. Out of fear of financial ruin, many retirees unnecessarily adopt frugal lifestyles.  This can cause them to miss out.  In contrast others miscalculate the cost of retirement and overspend.  This results in their savings being depleting too soon.

Many retirees have been taught withdrawing 4 to 4.5 percent of the original value each year. Then again, this old adage was  the 1990s.  In reality, when inflation-adjusted interest rates are close to zero for a long time, that might not work.  So, if you can’t safely withdraw at least 4 percent a year from your portfolio, what can you do?

The issues presented in America’s Retirement Crisis are complex.  However, we believe education and planning can reduce some stress and uncertainty.  Because it’s important to make the right decisions before and during retirement, the guide uses plain language.  These include future expenses, longevity, Social Security benefits, inflation and more.  After all, our goal is to give you the best change of achieving a successful retirement.

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America's Retirement Crisis


America's Retirement Crisis

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