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  • Market Brief

    November 2020 Market Brief

    November 2020 Market Brief:   Each month, Craig Moser, CFP®, CRPC®, records and produces Market Brief.  The goal is to share his experience and insights related to various [...]

  • Spending Personalities

    Spending Personalities

    Craig and Jennifer Moser break down the different personalities of spenders and how those traits could affect your retirement.

  • Ep 17: Getting Couples on the Same Financial Page

    Are you and your spouse on the same page when it comes to finances and retire-ment planning? On today’s episode of How Money Works, Craig and Jennifer Moser explain why it’s so important.

  • Financial Planning by Profession

    Financial Planning Personalities by Profession

    In our experience, people in certain jobs tend to approach financial planning the same way. On this episode of How Money Works, we explain some of the positives and challenges of financial planning by profession.

  • How Money Works Podcast

    Ep 16: Pros and Cons of the 4 Worlds of Money

    Do you know the four worlds of money and how they affect you? We break down the pros and cons of each. 

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Roth vs. Traditional IRA

To answer the question of Roth vs. Traditional IRA, they chose to “bite the tax bullet” now and enjoy tax-free withdrawals.  It's the same for retirees who converted a traditional account to a Roth.  (Their heirs will also inherit the tax-free accounts.)  Let's take a look at the Roth vs. Traditional IRA.

October 30, 2020|

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