Health Care Documents Everyone Needs

by Craig Moser on August 7, 2020

Whether you’re concerned about COVID-19, the flu, or something more catastrophic, there are three health care documents everyone needs. They are a living will, a health care proxy, and a HIPPA authorization. Living Will Your living will provides direction on […]

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If I make it, can I keep it?

by Craig Moser on July 24, 2020

In January of this year, market values were up and everything was great.  However, if you look again in March, values aren’t so great.  There are years that make us happy and then there are years with a huge amount […]

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CARES Act Expands HSAs

by Craig Moser on May 29, 2020

By Sarah Brenner, JD IRA Analyst Follow Us on Twitter: @theslottreport The recently passed CARES Act expands HSAs and what they cover.  These changes allow access to more medical services without worrying about your deductible.  They also allow you to take […]

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4 CARES Act Misconceptions

by Craig Moser on May 15, 2020

By Ian Berger, JD IRA Analyst The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Recovery Act (CARES Act), signed into law on March 27, includes several important retirement-related provisions. Because some of these provisions are confusing, several misconceptions about the new law […]

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Things to Remember During Uncertain Times

by Craig Moser on May 5, 2020

With uncertainty swirling over the coronavirus (COVID-19), the markets are undoubtedly taking a hit. And while market volatility can be unsettling, it’s times like these when it’s important to remember we’re always keeping a watchful eye on your portfolio and […]

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