Health Care

Health Care Documents Everyone Needs

by Craig Moser on August 7, 2020

Whether you’re concerned about COVID-19, the flu, or something more catastrophic, there are three health care documents everyone needs. They are a living will, a health care proxy, and a HIPPA authorization. Living Will Your living will provides direction on […]

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Taking Control of the Financial Keys

by Craig Moser on September 21, 2018

Whether taking control of the financial keys from your parents, or making things easier for your own children, everyone should review important health, financial and estate documents annually.  Here are some steps you can take now before a health crisis […]

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10 HSA Rules You Should Know

by Craig Moser on March 23, 2018

Healthcare is still a hot topic. So are HSAs (Health Savings Accounts). Proponents advocate expanding HSAs to save on health costs, and highlight their ability to provide tax breaks. Opponents argue HSAs don’t help people and many can’t afford them.  Here […]

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Your IRA Can Increase Medicare Costs

by Craig Moser on August 18, 2017

You’ve done the right thing for years.  You’ve diligently saved and accumulated money in your IRA account.  But do you know your IRA could increase your Medicare costs?  You see, at some point, money in your IRA must come out, […]

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HSA Beneficiaries

by Craig Moser on July 21, 2017

If you have an HSA, you should think about what happens to your account after your death. The rules are a little tricky and careful planning is important to minimize the tax bite for HSA beneficiaries. You should name a […]

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Unintended Outcomes: Long-term Care

by Craig Moser on March 3, 2017

As a Certified Financial Planner, I work to build plans that reflect my clients’ futures as accurately as possible.  Inevitably, planning comes down to a question of dealing with unintended outcomes.  For example, “How will the possibility of a long-term […]

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