Retirement Planning

Real Deal Retirement

by on October 20, 2017

To explain real deal retirement, let’s take a look at a question a client recently asked.  The client uses income from Social Security and an annuity to pay all current living expenses, and recently asked if she should put 100% […]

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Age Matters in Retirement Planning

by Craig Moser on July 28, 2017

Age matters as you approach your retirement years, and age matters in financial planning.   As a Certified Financial Planner, I’ve spent a lot of time developing Retirement Plans for my clients.   And it still surprises me how many don’t understand […]

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Building Your Three-Legged Stool

by Craig Moser on April 13, 2017

When thinking about retirement, it can help to envision a three-legged stool.  Everybody knows a two-legged stool isn’t reliable because you have no stability.  If you sit or stand on a stool with only two legs, you’re going to end […]

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Unintended Outcomes: Long-term Care

by Craig Moser on March 3, 2017

As a Certified Financial Planner, I work to build plans that reflect my clients’ futures as accurately as possible.  Inevitably, planning comes down to a question of dealing with unintended outcomes.  For example, “How will the possibility of a long-term […]

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Dear Ole Dad's Pension

by Craig Moser on February 17, 2017

I was talking to a client whose Dear Old Dad advised that assets should double every 7 to 10 years.  He also said she could do this while withdrawing 5% per year.  This scenario was possible in her dad’s era. […]

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Your Retirement Road Ahead

by Craig Moser on January 20, 2017

Growing older requires most of us to think about the road ahead and things we have never approached before.  A big one is the “R” word.  Yes, retirement starts to get closer.  If you have taken the time to prepare, then […]

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