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Retirement is changing. For many people, it’s less about winding down their activities and taking a long vacation.  Rather it’s more about reinventing themselves.

We’re living longer and healthier.  By the same token, we’re finding there’s plenty to do even if we’re no longer working 9 to 5. As a result, many find  this is the time to live the life they want.

That freedom depends on many things.  Notably having enough money. Unlike previous generations, most of us don’t have protected lifetime income through a pension.  As a result, chances of running out of money in retirement are increased.

There are lots of reasons for that: We don’t know how long we’ll live, so we don’t know how long our money needs to last. We also don’t know what infla-tion will do to our costs over time or how a down market would affect our savings and investments.


One way to begin addressing that uncertainty is to simplify the issue: What do you expect your essential monthly expenses to be in retirement, and what kind of monthly income will you have? Doing that will start to give you a more realis-tic view of whether the money you’ve saved will last. (See the sample worksheet on page 13 for an example, and find a blank one on page 14 for your own calculations).

Thankfully, there are solutions. Using a portion of your savings to purchase an annuity, you can you Check Off the Basics and cover your essential monthly expenses, like a mortgage, utilities, groceries and transportation. That can help you live retirement the way you want.

This guide helps you take the first steps in figuring out your essential expenses and income in retirement, and how protected lifetime income from an annuity can help fill any gaps.

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Check Off The Basics

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Check Off The Basics