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Child with Special Needs

a guide for parents and guardians

Every family is different, and each of us must create financial strategies with our particular circumstances in mind. This is especially true for families that care for a child with special needs. Parents often need to consider the present as well as the future for their special needs child, including a future where parents are no longer managing their child’s day-to-day needs and agenda. As with many of the first decisions we make as parents, these considerations may begin before birth.

Your child’s diagnosis might come during  one of your prenatal visits with your  health provider. It might come just after  your child’s birth, or it might not come  until years later. It might be that your  child suffers an injury as a toddler or in  their school-age years. But regardless of when it happens, the moment you  first hear your child’s diagnosis, your  world changes.

But by how much? It’s difficult to fully  grasp, at first. Consequently, it may  feel easiest to focus on the present, so  you begin strategizing. You schedule doctor’s appointments and form a team  of health professionals.  Then you research and  mobilize therapies and other resources  for your child. Finally, you seek out others who  can empathize with your situation.

It is important to remember that you  always have choices, but as with many  decisions of a financial nature, informed decisions may lead to the most optimal results.

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Child With Special Needs

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