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As a valued member of the Maestro Wealth Family, this page has been designed for you.  Please let us know if you would like to see something added to this page, or if you have suggestions on how our services might be improved to better serve your needs.

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If you have a change in phone number, address, and/or email, please let us know.  As a full-service firm, we ensure all appropriate records with all providers are properly updated.

Client Only Events

We like to show our thanks for being such an important part of Maestro Wealth Advisors.  That’s why we host different events throughout the year.  The events below are located in the client access section because they are exclusively for members of the Maestro Wealth Family and their guests.  Your invitation will arrive in your mailbox and/or email closer to the event date.

Please note all dates, times, and locations are tentative until otherwise noted.

We Appreciate Your Referrals!

What’s in a name? Financially speaking, a lot!

Who comes to mind in your circle of friends and relatives who might benefit from investment planning with me? I’d love their names.

I want to continue to devote the majority of my time and attention to keeping you and my other clients informed on financial news and changes that can make a difference in your investment strategies. That makes it difficult for me to cultivate new client contacts at the same time. Also, I’ve found that happy clients provide the best word-of-mouth referrals.

So do your friends and family, and me, a favor. Share the name and contact information of someone you believe may benefit from our services.  We’ll reach out to them by email, phone call or letter, depending on the information you provide.  During that contact, we introduce ourselves, let them know you suggested they might be interested in our services, and ask if there is anything we can help them with.  We promise to contact them once.  If they aren’t interested, we won’t continue to pursue a relationship with them.