Five Ways to Stay Confident in Retirement

Gone are the days when people worked 50 years for the same employer.  They no longer retire on a predictable pension, and settled into a quiet lifestyle.

Because baby boomers control 70% of the country’s disposable income, today’s retirees are more active. For example, they they travel the world and learn new skills.  Therefore, they redefine what creates a retirement community. Accordingly, the drive to enjoy a vibrant retirement is becoming more common.1,2

In addition, pre-retirees appear to feel more confident about retirement than years past, with over two-thirds saying in a 2020 EBRI survey that they believe they can retire comfortably. One approach to maintain confidence in retirement is to assess your needs, look ahead, and prepare for both the known and unknown.3

While you can’t be certain what the future holds, you can strategize for the retirement life you want—and take these five steps to help you get there with confidence.

Creating a strategy for retirement is essential. Only you know what a fulfilling retirement means for you, and today is a perfect time to take steps toward the life you envision. By calculating your costs, getting ahead of your savings, and working with a professional, you may set yourself up to retire comfortably—and confidently.

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Five Ways to Stay Confident in Retirement

Five Ways to Stay Confident in Retirement

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