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How Money Works Podcast

Husband and wife team, Craig Moser, CFP and Jennifer Moser of Maestro Wealth Advisors discuss crucial tips for planning your successful retirement. Listen for valuable insight from professionals with unique insight and perspective on How Money Works

This show covers the essential financial and retirement planning elements you need to know to make it to, and through, retirement. Join us each episode for valuable information on how to avoid common financial pitfalls.

How Money Works Podcast

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Episode Show Notes

Ep 17: Getting Couples on the Same Financial Page

Are you and your spouse on the same page when it comes to finances and retire-ment planning? On today’s episode of How Money Works, Craig and Jennifer Moser explain why it’s so important.

Ep 14: Financial Planning Personalities by Profession

People in certain professions tend to approach financial planning the same way as their peers. On today’s How Money Works podcast, we look at teachers, doctors, engineers and more. In our experience, people in certain jobs tend to approach financial planning the same way. On today’s episode of How Money Works, we explain some of the positives and challenges of advising people in different professions.

Ep 13: Retirement Fact or Fiction

On today’s episode of How Money Works, let’s have some fun and play retirement fact or fiction. Keep in mind, as with many retirement planning scenarios, the answer is not always clear-cut because it depends on your situation.

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