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Join our hosts and long-time financial educators, Craig Moser, CFP®, CRPC® and Jennifer Moser on the How Money Works Podcast and Radio Show.  Listen along as they provide advice on growing your nest egg and reducing or eliminating your tax burden.  In addition, each show provides crucial tips to planning your successful retirement. They also answer listener questions each week.

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Should you listen to Dave Ramsey's advice?

On this episode of How Money Works, Craig and Jennifer Moser are talking about financial guru Dave Ramsey. He has millions of followers, but do they agree with all of his financial teachings?

“I’m a fan of what Dave Ramsey does, because he has helped thousands of people. I’ll give him his kudos,” said Craig. “It’s just that some of this stuff is not as applicable for the entire population.”

On this episode, Craig and Jennifer some of the unanswerable questions clients love to ask.

“Understanding how long your retirement nest egg would last, I think, is a crucial first step for planning when you should retire,” said Craig.

Special guest Jimmy Eggers from Smith Leonard PLLC, accounting firm in High Point, NC discusses planning for business success.