Key Financial Data

Key financial data provides important financial information all in one place.  As a result, this handy reference provides a calming influence while delivering nearly all they key items that impact your personal finances.

For example, standard deductions and phase outs along with personal exemptions are provided.  In addition, withholding allowances, tax deadlines, and social security benefits are covered.   There’s also a partial Uniform Life Table to help determine your life expectancy, along with Health Savings Account limits.  Finally, you’ll find tax rate schedules, contribution limits for health savings accounts, and more.

To demonstrate, here is some of the information provided:

01/15/2020: 4th installment of the previous year’s estimated taxes due


  1. Tax filing deadline, or request extension to Oct. 15
  2. 1st installment of 2020 taxes due
  3. Last day to file amended return for 2016
  4. Last day to contribute to: Roth or traditional IRA for 2019; HSA for 2019; Keogh or SEP for 2019 (unless tax filing deadline has been extended).

06/15/2020: 2nd installment of estimated taxes due

09/15/2020: 3rd installment of estimated taxes due

10/15/2020: Tax returns due for those who requested an extension. Last day to contribute to SEP or Keogh for 2019 if extension was filed.

12/31/2020: Last day to:

  1. pay expenses for itemized deductions
  2. complete transactions for capital gains or losses
  3. establish a Keogh plan for 2020
  4. establish and fund a solo 401(k) for 2020
  5. complete 2020 contributions to employer-sponsored 401(k) plans
  6. correct excess contributions to IRAs and qualified plans to avoid penalty.

IRA contribution limit $6,000 (with $1,000 catch-up at 50 years old)

HSA Annual Limit $3,550 for individuals and $7,100 for families

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Key Financial Data