Preparing for a Satisfying Retirement

Many Americans are worried about financial security in retirement. An  employer-sponsored retirement plan is one of your most powerful tools  for pursuing a comfortable retirement. The money you invest in your  401(k) has tax deferred growth potential and generally only becomes  taxable once withdrawals begin in retirement. By making pre-tax  contributions to your retirement plan, you also reduce your income each  year, helping to lower your annual tax bill.

Even if your retirement is years away, some advance strategizing now  will help you evaluate your current savings, estimate how much you’ll  need to save for a comfortable retirement lifestyle, and help you remedy  any potential income shortfalls.

We developed this guide to help you or a loved one understand the  steps involved in preparing for retirement and making the most of your  options if you contribute to a 401(k) retirement plan.

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Preparing For A Satisfying Retirement

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