Resources to Help Answer Questions

Our primary goal is your success.  As a result, we’re happy to provide various resources to help you better understand various financial topics.

Our most popular podcast resources to help answer questions:

Estate Planning Advice for Women Featuring Lynn MIchael

Estate planning isn’t just for couples.  Because women tend to live longer than men, it’s also important they’re confident and knowledgeable in their family’s finances and other business.  That’s why this episode is especially for women. Special guest Lynn Michael, an estate planning attorney joins us.  She shares tips and tricks for women to get their personal business in order.

Do you wonder what’s going on in the local real estate market?  Every state is different, so we asked Nick Gonzalez of Linville Team Partners to join us.  Nick shares his expertise on high-growth areas.  In addition, we ask him if there are any good opportunities for investors.  In conclusion, he shares his thoughts on the future of real estate in the Winston-Salem and Greensboro areas.

We spend a lot of time on tax preparation but how much do we think about tax planning?  So, why we welcome Addison Maille, a tax planning CPA in Greensboro.  Tax planning can be tedious for many individuals.  Therefore, relying on an expert like Maille can sage time and money.