Riders Explained:

The Secret to Customizing Your Life Insurance

Life insurance is exactly what it sounds like:  insurance on your life—which is why there’s  -size-fits all solution when it comes to finding the right policy for you.  Riders are features that can be added on to an insurance policy so you can insure your life as you know it: healthy, independent, and fulfilled.  It can often feel bleak to discuss life insurance and the many unknowns of our world, but death is a part of life and in many ways, it’s the part that makes life precious, beautiful, and worth protecting.

Riders allow you to expand life  insurance coverage to protect you  from a wide array of life’s unknowns.  Some riders are designed to increase  your death benefit so that your  beneficiaries are further secured,  while other riders are designed to  protect you, providing coverage for  additional care or allowing  you  to  use your death benefit  in the  event  of unforeseen circumstances before  your death.

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Rider Explained

Riders Explained

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